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Throwback to my artwork illustrating my time spent studying abroad in Scotland. The Glasgow School of Art has such a special place in my heart.  The famous, incredible Mackintosh Building will always be amazing and unforgettable.  Here’s to you, Glasgow.


Glasgow School of Art Mackintosh Building, Scotland, chalk pastel by Lauryn Medeiros

Glasgow detail

Final Layout for Glasgow, Section of final project by Lauryn Medeiros

Final layout, Glasgow

Hey! I have some exciting news! Not only do I have new artwork up (check the graphite page, the chalk pastel page, and the mixed design and illustration page), but I also won a design contest!

Treefort Music Fest is this amazing event that happens in Boise Idaho – it’s full of great live music, films, food and drink, dancing, and so much more.  I actually have the privilege to say I personally know one of the bands that will be preforming , and they are really talented! The Green Zoo.  If you don’t know them or haven’t heard their music, you should check them out! Here is a link to their site:

Here is the link to Treefort’s site:

This year Treefort held a t-shirt design contest for the main t-shirt featured at their live screen printing booth in the main stage area.  I was so excited I immediately started gathering ideas and sketches – I wanted to make something trendy, exciting and illustrative.  They picked 5 finalists for the public to vote on, and mine ended up winning! I’m thrilled to be a part of such an awesome event and to be able to show Boise what I can do: illustrate and design.

design by Lauryn Medeiros, t-shirt, design, contest, animals, animal band, trees, Treefort Music Fest, Boise, Idaho

T-shirt I illustrated and designed for the Treefort Music Fest in Boise, Idaho

The holidays are here!

Meet Frank, a tired old bulldog who has had enough Christmas cheer.  He is just one of my new holiday drawings I’m working on – I have had a few people ask me to draw their dog with a Santa hat on (inspired by my doggie holiday card last year – you can find that on my “Photoshop and Illustrator” page).  Be sure and check out my graphite page, chalk pastel page, and my t-shirt designs as well – there is new artwork up!

illustration by Lauryn Medeiros, chalk pastel, bulldog, frank, Christmas, Christmas tree, Santa hat, tired, old, lightsillustration by Lauryn Medeiros, lab, santa hat, dog, Angela R. Stewart, Christmas, graphite

Drawing I did for Angela R. Stewart Design, Inc. Client wanted our previous holiday card personalized with her own dog.

If you would also love to have a drawing done of your dog or a friend’s dog with a Santa hat on, please let me know! I can do any style you want, more realistic, cartoony, chalk pastel, graphite, take your pick! Thanks for checking out my website, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Updated pages and new artwork!

Hey guess what? I have new artwork up! I have updated a few things, as well as adding to pages – I put up my printmaking,  illustrations, photography, t-shirt designs and a few drawings and sketches.  Check it out!

relief print by Lauryn Medeiros, printmaking, black and white, white wolf, tree, snow

Relief print

I finally made a children’s book!



Here are a few pictures of the book I finished this week for my 3D art class! You can find photos of the whole book on my mixed media page.  I had so much fun making this, I hope you enjoy looking through it.  This is a combination of many ideas for characters and narrative I’ve had for a long time now, so I was so excited to finally put them together in a short story that may lead me to other bigger adventures in book making 😀

New Art!!

Finally some new artwork!

After the big move to Boise, I can proudly say that I have accomplished a great deal of work so far.  I’m taking a Creative Photography Class where we are working with film cameras (super exciting!), a 3D art course involving found materials, and a design/graphic design internship at Angela R. Stewart Design, Inc.

Besides all the amazing projects I’ve gotten to work on for Boise State University and my internship, I have also been doing some of my own photography for fun as well as book illustrations for a family friend’s book on auto care.

You can find my newest artwork on these pages: Mixed Media, Chalk Pastel, Photoshop and Illustrator, and Photography

I hope you enjoy all my newest pieces, I certainly enjoyed working on them!!


Book Cover Art and Illustrations!

Hey Everyone! So….The book cover art and illustrations I have been working on this summer are finally uploaded! I just finished these last week – it has been so exciting to be a part of such an amazing opportunity to get my artwork out in the open. Thanks Donna McCord!

Fearless Auto Care, Book Cover Art, book cover, illustration, chalk pastel by Lauryn Medeiros

Book cover art I completed for a book on fearless auto careHappy Car, woman hugging car, cartoon car, illustration, chalk pastel by Lauryn Medeiros

Hi everyone! I’m really excited to share the self portrait I just completed for work! If you don’t know already, I work as a teacher at Drawn2Art, a Fine Arts Studio in Los Altos, California.  All the teachers there have done beautiful self portraits that are hanging up on one of the walls at work.  As the newest teacher, I had to do one as well of course! Mine is a bit more illustrative than the others, but that’s just my style I guess 😀

I also finally put up the mixed media card I did for Mike, as a one-year anniversary gift.  It’s always fun to make cards instead of buy them, and for this special occasion, I was inspired by my work at Drawn2Art.  I wanted this card to be extra special, yet with a funny, silly and colorful mood.  I’ve been working with a lot of different mediums that I usually don’t work with on my own time. These include: colored pencils, watercolor, watercolor crayon and pencil, markers, and many others.  As you may know from my website, my absolute favorite medium is chalk pastel.  Working at Drawn2Art has helped me come to love other mediums just as much, and has challenged to use them at home in addition to work!

I hope you all enjoy these new additions to my website, I will be putting up more artwork soon! I’m currently working on book covers, llama comics, and portraits…stay tuned!!

Self Portrait, work, Drawn2Art, teachers, chalk pastel by Lauryn Medeiros, Los Altos, California

Self Portrait I did for work – all the teachers at Drawn2Art have self portraits up in the entry waymixed media by Lauryn Medeiros, card, anniversary, fun, silly, watercolor pencils, paper cutouts

Downey Drawing # 2!

Here is my Sherlock Holmes drawing I have been working on for the art auction! What do you think, should I use this one or the B&W one? Any votes? Thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to look at my site, I really appreciate it 😀

Sherlock Holmes 2, Game of Shadows, Movie Poster, drawing, Robert Downey Jr., chalk pastel by Lauryn Medeiros

Hey everyone! So I’m working on a bunch of artwork for a Silent Auction I will be featured in, and after I try out a few different drawings with different subjects, I will decide on a few I like best…maybe you guys can help with that! People love seeing celebrities, so I’m trying that first. Here’s the 1st drawing I’m doing of Robert Downey Jr.! I am going to be doing another one in color, which I think I will like better, but for now, here is this one! Sherlock holmes in chalk coming soon…

Classic Robert Downey Jr., Celebrity portrait, black and white, chalk pastel by Lauryn Medeiros

Possible entry for Silent Auction