Lauryn Medeiros, graphic designer, illustrator, filmmaker, boise, idaho

Fun, bright, vivid, colorful, happy – these are words I would use to describe most of my artwork and also myself. As an artist, I value my creations simply as something fun and beautiful to look at, hard work put on paper that is purely about the fun, aesthetically-pleasing style I enjoy so much.

I’m completing my final year at Boise State University as a second-degree Graphic Design and Illustration student. I recently started working at Carew Co. as a part-time graphic designer and plan on starting full time in May. On the side, I produce illustrations for letterpress greeting cards, calendars and coasters for Ladybug Press. Freelancing jobs help me learn as well as keep up my skills – I work on illustration and design for various small companies, clients, and friends. Majoring in Fine Art with a minor in Music, I graduated with my first degree from the College of Idaho in 2011. In the fall of 2010, I traveled to Scotland to pursue my love of illustration at the Glasgow School of Art, which was my first real encounter with illustration and design. It allowed me to immerse myself in a beautiful, artistic city while discovering a new world of art that would eventually become my newfound passion and dream career.

I’m passionate about everything that is artistic, creative, imaginative and inspiring. Things like illustration, fine arts, visual communications, graphic design, typography, music, film production, and animation. I’m a musician who loves to play the piano and drums. I make films that are fun, entertaining and invigorating to create. On this website, my artistic creations are showcased to let people enjoy artwork inspired simply by the beauty of life, as one of my idols, Fauve artist Raoul Dufy, would say.


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