Hi everyone! I’m really excited to share the self portrait I just completed for work! If you don’t know already, I work as a teacher at Drawn2Art, a Fine Arts Studio in Los Altos, California.  All the teachers there have done beautiful self portraits that are hanging up on one of the walls at work.  As the newest teacher, I had to do one as well of course! Mine is a bit more illustrative than the others, but that’s just my style I guess 😀

I also finally put up the mixed media card I did for Mike, as a one-year anniversary gift.  It’s always fun to make cards instead of buy them, and for this special occasion, I was inspired by my work at Drawn2Art.  I wanted this card to be extra special, yet with a funny, silly and colorful mood.  I’ve been working with a lot of different mediums that I usually don’t work with on my own time. These include: colored pencils, watercolor, watercolor crayon and pencil, markers, and many others.  As you may know from my website, my absolute favorite medium is chalk pastel.  Working at Drawn2Art has helped me come to love other mediums just as much, and has challenged to use them at home in addition to work!

I hope you all enjoy these new additions to my website, I will be putting up more artwork soon! I’m currently working on book covers, llama comics, and portraits…stay tuned!!

Self Portrait, work, Drawn2Art, teachers, chalk pastel by Lauryn Medeiros, Los Altos, California

Self Portrait I did for work – all the teachers at Drawn2Art have self portraits up in the entry waymixed media by Lauryn Medeiros, card, anniversary, fun, silly, watercolor pencils, paper cutouts